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Q: What ages can play in the South Jeffco Softball Program?
A: SJSA provides recreational and competitive softball for players between 4-18 years old (eligible if turn 19 on or after January 1st of the current year). We offer recreational T-ball 4-6 year olds and Coach Pitch for 7 year olds.  Modified Kid pitch is played at 8 years old. The recreational option continues for ages 9-18. Leagues are formed for 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 14U, 16U and 18U; with teams playing at different division levels. The divisions are evaluated each year to balance the level of play across the division. The recreational leagues only play on week nights, with the exception of one league tournament played on a weekend in July. Some recreational teams participate in weekend tournaments outside of the GSLJC. 
The competitive option offered through the Colorado Diamonds has 10 yrs and under, 12 yrs and under, 14 yrs and under, and 16 yrs and 18 yrs. and under teams. These teams are set up individually and each team holds it’s own tryouts to determine their rosters. Some competitive teams have league play during the week, and also play in tournaments on the weekends. The number of tournaments depends on the level of play and the coaches schedule.
Q: When is registration and how do I register?
A: The registration period for recreational softball is beginning of December  – mid March. You may register online at www.southjeffsoftball.org. The earlier your daughter is registered the more likely she is to get placed on her requested team. No players will be placed on a coaches roster until all fees are paid in full.
Q: When are tryouts and how do they work?
A: There are no tryouts for recreational softball teams. Tryouts for the competitive teams take place in mid-late July or early August for the next season. Tryout information will be posted on www.southjeffsoftball.org.
Q: How long is the recreational season?
A: The recreation season start practices middle of April and the season begins early May. The regular season ends the end of  July, the exact date depends on what division a team plays in.
Q: How long is the competitive season?
A: The competitive teams usually begin indoor practices in early January. The tournament season begins middle of March and runs through the end of July. Each teams tournament schedule is decided by each team independently. In addition some competitive teams play in a double header league beginning in April running through June.
Q: Can a player request a coach or team?
A: Players can make requests for a particular coach or team but no guarantee can be made that all requests can be fulfilled. Returning players will always be placed on prior year’s team unless they request differently.
Q: When and where do teams practice?
A: SJ Jeffco Softball teams practice on school and neighborhood fields in the SJ area. Each team is given one weeknight and one weekend practice.
Q: What league does SJ play in and when are games played?
A: SJ Softball participates in the Jefferson County Girls Softball League. SJ teams will play teams from Arvada, West Jeffco, Wheat Ridge, Golden, Bear Creek, and Alameda/Green Mountain. All league games are played on weeknights. The end of season league tournament is played on weeknight and weekend days.
Q: How much does it cost to play softball?
A: Fees for Ages 4-6 T-Ball are $180, 7 year old Coach Pitch and 8 year old Modified Kid Pitch are $235. Fees for Ages 9 and up are $280. Fees include 2 practices a week April through July, 10+ league games depending on the teams age group, and the end of the season tournament.