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The Colorado Diamonds competitive softball teams are part of the South Jeffco Sports Association.  The Diamonds organization was started in 2001 to create more opportunities for softball players to continue past recreational softball into much more competitive play and still remain part of the South Jeffco community.
These teams are highly focused on teaching fundamentals, fun, and teamwork.  The coaches see their role as molding players to become skilled athletes by mastering techniques of the sport, and to prepare them for High School Level softball with solid mechanics and good sportsmanship.
Commitment is a key factor to the success of any team.  Players are expected to attend on time and fully participate in all scheduled practices and games.  If a player cannot attend a practice or a game for any reason, one of the coaches should be notified as soon as possible.  This is competitive level softball.  A player’s ability is often fully tied to the effort and time they and their teammates put into practice.  A player most likely will advance at softball if they take advantage of the time they have available to practice with the team and coaches.


We believe that competitive softball provides valuable tools and abilities for our players that will help them in sports, and in life.  We hope to build strong players, and strong teams.  Therefore, although winning is certainly desirable and something we will diligently pursue, we think there are many other goals and attributes that are equally important.  Demonstrated commitment and a desire to improve, coupled with the effort required to progress, are just a few examples of the qualities we hope and expect to see in all of our players.  If these things are initially present in our players, and we can help to deepen, develop and refine them further, we think success is guaranteed regardless of our win-loss record.  When combined with a supportive and encouraging community that we hope and expect the assembled families to help create and maintain, we will have a rewarding experience and a measure of success that lasts beyond a season of softball.

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In today’s win at all costs society the Colorado Diamonds continue to break that mold!

While others are only looking for what can bring them a win the Diamonds are looking for those that want to succeed.  Success is measured in many ways and the Diamonds believe that measuring player development leads to success in softball as well as life.  Placing an emphasis on developing fundamentally solid players who have a love for the game provides a level of success that far out shines the wins it generates, it has a lasting effect on that player.

The Colorado Diamonds have built an organization that provides what Coaches at all levels need to develop players, wins games and produce high character individuals in the process.  Providing opportunities for players at all ages and skill levels our ability to provide places for kids to play and grow far exceeds what others are doing.  Camps, clinics and instruction from Diamonds coaches, former and current college players, as well as current and former college coaches provides the base of knowledge we provide our kids.

Working directly with South Jeffco Sports we provide playing opportunities from 5 to 18 years old, from Recreational softball to A Level travel ball.  We have players playing at the next level and just this year placed all our graduating seniors in college programs from D2 to Junior Colleges in state and out of state.   

Are you a Coach that believes developing players and people in the most important step in generating success?  If so the Diamonds want to speak with you!!

We have openings for Coaches at all levels and are especially looking for Coaches for 16U and 18U teams.

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