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Schedule changes  (from GSLJC website)
by posted 06/27/2022


There have been a few schedule changes due to some teams now not being able to play in the Yearend tournament.  Please check your schedule and if you are now not able to play in the tournamentplease let me know asap.



Kevin Quick

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2022 Yearend Tournament  (from GSLJC website)
by posted 06/25/2022

Tournament Schedule and Brackets are ready.


Click on your age group to view your bracket.


T-Ball                         C-Pitch                   Modified                10U                         12U                           14U
Field Locations
T-Ball:          Daniels Park
C-Pitch:       Daniels Park
Modified:     Stevens Middle School
10U:            Creekside and Manwaring
12U:            Prospect Park
14U:            Prospect Park
Please take a minute to review the rules and exceptions for your age group.



Girls’ Softball League of Jefferson County (GSLJC)

2022 Yearend Tournament – July 9-10, 2022




  1.  All games will be played under the bylaws of the GSLJC including age group exceptions where applicable as well as tournament exceptions.  It will be double elimination.
  2. Teams must compete with only those on their rosters approved by the GSLJC.  Pick-up players are not permitted.  Coaches shall present a copy of the approved certified roster to the Site Director when they check in before their 1st game.  They shall also carry a cop of their roster with them at all games.
  3. All coaches shall check in with the Site Director one hour prior to their teams’ first game.
  4. Game time is forfeit time unless a team is delayed by a late-running game.
  5. According to the GSJC by-laws for ages CP thru 14U – eight players must be present at game time to begin play (offensively and or defensively).  If more than eight players are present, up to 10 must be played for the entire game.  If a team is short players, they may play with 9 with no penalty; they may play with 8 players with penalty – penalty is an out assigned to the ninth position in the line-up (except TB/CP).  If a player leaves the game for any reason leaving only 7 players (except TB), a forfeit will be declared.  Late comers would be added to the bottom of the line-up.  All girls on the roster who are present shall bat.  Refer to TB rules for their ruling. 
  6. Warm-up inside the base lines is not allowed.
  7. Home teams will be determined by a flip of the coin by the umpire during the pre-game conference.
  8. The first team listed in the bracket will occupy the first base dugout.  If a team plays back-to-back games on the field, they will stay in their dugout.
  9. No inning will start after the one hour and 15 minute time limit or “age group” appropriate number of  innings.  Refer to TB for time/inning ruling
  10. Run rule: 8U/9U, 10U, 12U – if a team is ahead by 15 runs or more at the end of 2 complete innings; 12 runs or more at the end of 3 complete innings; or 10 runs or more at the end of 4 complete innings, the game shall be terminated and shall constitute a legal game whether or not the time limit has expired.
  11. Run rule: 14U – 12 runs or more at the end of 3 complete innings; or 10 runs or more at the end of 4 complete innings, the game shall be terminated and shall constitute a legal game whether or not the time limit has expires.  Refer to Mini rules for TB/C.
  12. No inning shall begin after expiration of the time limit except a tie game when a tie-breaker rule shall be in effect.  Each team shall play a half-inning beginning with a player on 2nd base.  That player being the batter who completed her last “turn a bat”.  A game cannot end in a tie.  There must be a winner to move on in the rackets.
  13. The winning team is responsible for notifying a tournament official of the score immediately after the game.  
  14. Championship games will be one hour and fifteen minutes (except TB) or “age group” appropriate number of innings – whichever occurs first.  In the Championship game, the undefeated team will be the home team.  In case of an “if” game, there will be a coin flip for home team.
  15. There will be no game protests.  All umpire decisions are final.
  16. It is the responsibility of each team to provide water, ice and medical supplies/equipment for their players.  Each team must clean out their dugout after their game.
  17. A team coach, assistant coach, player and/or parent exhibiting unsportsmanlike conduct (i.e. spitting at an opposing team, player or other person, use of offensive, insulting or abusive language and/or gestures; throwing equipment and/or objects; using alcohol) shall be ejected from a game by the umpire in charge.  The head coach of the team of the ejected person/s will also be ejected from the ongoing game.  The ejected person/s shall leave and be out of sight of the ongoing game.  Ejected person/s will not be permitted to attend that team’s next game.  All disciplinary actions will be immediate.
  18. No alcoholic beverages of any type will be allowed at the tournament fields.
  19. Participation in this event is at the participant’s own risk   GSLJC is not liable for injuries or damages.
  20. In case of bad weather, every effort will be made to complete the tournament.  The Tournament Director reserves the right to change the tournament format and number of games if necessary.  If bad weather occurs, it is your responsibility to contact the Tournament Director for rescheduling and updated information.
  21. The GSLJC will provide game balls.
  22. The GSLJC jewelry ruling shall apply.  The Umpire in Charge of each game will handle all decisions regarding jewelry.  Any questions regarding this issue should be directed to the Tournament Director.



Tournament Director:  Kevin Quick  303-204-0042   kquick@codiamonds.com

GSJC President: Kevin Quick  303-204-0042    kquick@codiamonds.com

GSLJC VP:  Eve Trengove  303-424-0134 or 720-280-6527 etrengove@comcast.net



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